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This blog is about one of the three historical churchs of Pieism, the New Followers of the Holy Pie. We were once ruled by but then our founder and original leader, Captain Spankin Crackers, left us and his site dissapeared. Then, in June 2007, we voted a new leader: Captain Pie Master. Later, from September 2007 until February 2008, we gave up the lore of the Mode and became a part of the Union of Pieism. Finally, in April 2009, we decided to merge our Church into the Church of JoJo Pieism, and we decided to close our site...

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Council of Pie

I've joined the Council of Pie, an organisation for promoting unity in Pieism. It was founded a couple of days ago by the JoJo of Pie and now the New Sacred Text a la Mode is a part of it as well. I hope this will help the Pieism sects get closer together as thats where Captain Spankin Crackers failed.

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Christopher said...

It's too bad I can't find an e-mail to contact you with.
This is "Captain Spankin' Crackers" aka, Christopher Bennett.
I'm going to ask you politely to take down anything having to do with "The Sacred Text A La Mode" until you have discussed your purpose with me personally.
My e-mail is